Please email Melody Rousseau for a current rate sheet.

Available Ad Sizes...
Ad Size Ad Width (inches)  Ad Height (inches)
Premium Back Cover 7-1/2 inches wide 5 inches high
3 Column / Full Page 7-1/2 inches wide 9-3/4 inches high
3 Column / Half Page 7-1/2 inches wide 4-3/4 inches high
2 Column / Full Page 4-7/8 inches wide 9-3/4 inches high
2 Column / Half Page 4-7/8 inches wide 4-3/4 inches high
1 Column / Full Page 2-3/8 inches wide 9-3/4 inches high
1 Column / Half Page 2-3/8 inches wide 4-3/4 inches high

Advertising Information...

  • Advertising in Impact is limited.  Advertisements will be entered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • All advertisements must be black and white, camera-ready, and submitted to the Maine State Chamber by the appropriate deadlines.  There is no bleeds or spot color within the publication.
  • Electronic files will be accepted in .eps, .pdf, .gif, or .tif formats for PCs.  Ads created in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint or Quark Xpress 4.0 for PC are also acceptable.  Files may be emailed to  A paper copy of the ad must accompany the electronic file by mail or fax so that we may verify receipt of the proper document.
  • All long-term contracts - three consecutive months or more - must be accompanied by a 25 percent, non-refundable deposit prior to the reservation date of the first publication for that time period.
  • The Maine State Chamber reserves the right to grant final approval on the quality and printability of all advertisements.
  • The Maine State Chamber reserves the right to accept or deny any advertiser or advertisement based on content and potential conflicts of interest which may compete with the policy positions and/or services of the Maine State Chamber of Commerce.
  • Non-member rates are available at a 20 percent increase of the published current prices. 
Printer Information...
  • Ads will be accepted as electronic files (see above for formats), PMTs, laser output, or negative film (RRED).
  • Halftones are shot on a 133-line screen.