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August 15, 2017 (Final Legislative Summary)
  • Fallout from November referendum questions dominate the session
  • President's Message: "It's important to not lose sight of the positive outcomes in each session..."
  • Legislature finally enacts state budget, repealing 3% income tax surcharge and increasing funding for K-12 education
  • Tip credit legislation becomes law
  • Tax haven legislation dies between bodies... again!
  • Legislature enacts bill to encourage expansion of companies headquartered in Maine
  • Taxation committee votes to carry-over bill to improve valuation and appeals process for large industrial facilities
  • Education committee stays the course on education standards and proficiency-based education against pressure to move the goal posts
  • Legislature adopts 60% post-secondary degree attainment goal by 2025
  • Wages, leave policies, and hiring practices keep LCRED committee busy
  • Energy, Utilities and Technology committee carries over legislation dealing with online customer information
  • Legislators carry over bill that would establish new income taxes on Mainers to fund elder and child care
  • Marijuana Legalization Implementation committee moves ahead after busy July
  • Legislature finally enacts mining law updates
        ...and much more.