There are times during the course of the legislative session that we ask our members to contact their legislators and educate them on the ways a bill could impact the way your company operates in Maine.  Our Grassroots Action Network has been instrumental in the passage and defeat of many bills during the past four years.  With the involvement of active members, we are increasing the volume of the voice of Maine business and affecting real public policy outcomes to help your business thrive and grow.

Legislative Joint Standing Committees  
Connect to the State of Maine website to see who serves on the various committees.  Email links to legislators and committee clerk contact information is also available. Click here to access the Legislative Joint Standing Committees page.
Contact Your Legislators  
Connect to the State of Maine website to see who serves your home or business' district (search by town).
Senators   |   Representatives  
Inside the Legislative Process  
  Maine's Path of Legislation
    How a bill becomes a law.
    Click here to see Maine's Path of Legislation.
  Definitions of Key Terms
 provides a list of key law terms and their definitions.
    Click here to see the list.
  Tips for Testifying  

Testifying before a committee is a very effective way to convey a message about a specific legislative matter. It is an opportunity to influence public policy and make your views part of the public record. Below are some important guidelines to follow when presenting your views on a bill before your lawmakers.

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  Why you should participate  

The Maine State Chamber of Commerce is highly respected as Maine's leading business advocate at the Statehouse and before the state's regulatory agencies. With that said, there will never be a stronger voice in the Statehouse than yours. It is our responsibility to not only speak on your behalf but also to provide you opportunities to speak for yourself on the crucial issues facing Maine businesses.

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  Public Hearing Process  

Participation in democracy through the public hearing process provides opportunity to directly influence a bill's outcome.

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  Legislative Work Sessions  

TWork Sessions provide opportunity to offer input into amendments and outcomes.

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